Rap Mogul Suge Knight is determined to make the most of his freedom - and believes 2003 is to be his year.

The THA ROW records boss says his life has been lived like a biblical character and that means that in 2003 he's going to have a special time.

He says, "I did five years in prison and missed five Christmases, then I ended up going back to jail and missed Christmas 2002.

"I read the Bible, and there was a guy who was a powerful king, NEBUCHADNEZZAR who dreamt the Lord drove him into the wilderness, and he lived among the wild animals, and, in the seventh year, he was allowed back. This is my seventh year."

The DEATH ROW records founder would also give up everything he'd earned if it meant there were no more ghettos.

He adds, "I'm not an African-American, I'm an American. And I support the President on the war. But he wants $80 billion for the war. If only he would just take 1 per cent of that and put more into the community.

"More Americans are getting killed in the streets than in Iraq."