Sugarland star Jennifer Nettles has assured lawmakers in Indiana she knew nothing of a proposed concert delay before last year's (11) Indiana State Fair stage collapse tragedy.
In a deposition given to Indiana State Fair Commission officials last week (ends13Apr12), the singer lashed out at claims suggesting the band and its tour manager ignored storm concerns from promoters that could have prevented deaths at the concert.
Seven fans were killed when sudden high winds brought stage rigging crashing down just before Sugarland's scheduled set last August (11) - and now the commission members and those who lost loved ones in the tragedy are looking to apportion blame.
But Nettles insists she, bandmate Kristian Bush and their crew should not even be part of the ongoing investigation into safety procedures and security measures.
She says, "I don't feel it's my responsibility or my management's responsibility to evacuate the fans in the case of danger," before adding, "Do I care about their safety? Absolutely."
One fair official previously suggested Sugarland's tour manager was approached by staff concerned about storm warnings, but Nettles insists she did not know about any conversation to delay their concert, according to a story published on the Indianapolis Star's website.
The newspaper received a partial transcript of Nettles' deposition, in which she stated she and Bush did not know about any conversation to delay the concert.
The singer insists she and Bush would have delayed the show if they had been asked to do so.
Two companies have been hired to investigate why the stage rigging and scaffolding collapsed.