Rockers Sugar Ray have joined America's reality TV ranks with their new show searching for a record label intern.

ON THE ROAD makes its debut on 9 July (04), and frontman Mark Mcgrath promises an interesting show.

He says, "Basically we hooked up with KIA MOTORS AMERICA. We have eight kids follow us around in a bus and they compete against each other to win a potential one-year paid internship with LAVA RECORDS and a Kia car as well.

"They do various things associated with working for a label - be it marketing, media, working with the band directly or radio and at the end of each episode we eliminate one of them a la The Apprentice."

But rather than opt for the "you're fired" line popularised by Apprentice star Donald Trump as he eliminated each contestant, the members of Sugar Ray will make their rejects do a "walk of shame" past a long line of staring people.

McGrath adds, "They kept them on another bus away from us. There was fighting, there was cussing, there was casual sex!"

30/06/2004 02:51