Sugar Ray frontman Mark Mcgrath has scrapped his planned nostalgia cruise in October (13) due to bad publicity his vacation partners recently received when one of their ships was left stranded at sea.

Cruise company Carnival hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month (Feb13) after holidaymakers were left without power, food and proper sanitation onboard a stricken voyage in the Gulf of Mexico.

And the firm is the same one behind the Mark MCGrath & Friends Cruise.

The singer announced the cancellation on his website on Thursday (28Feb13), but offered no explanation.

Later he took to to offer his reasons to upset fans, who were looking forward to the high seas festival, which was to feature Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors and the Gin Blossoms.

He told one follower that "recent public events" led to the cruise cancellation, and added, "that poop cruise" when another fan asked him to explain further.

The MCGrath cruise was scheduled to leave Miami, Florida on 18 October (13) bound for the Bahamas.