Sugar Ray hunk Mark Mcgrath's first sexual experience as a high school student proved to be his only one - because it left him terrified.

The rocker admits his current existence as a heart-throb is a far cry from his beginnings as a shy and inexperienced teen, when his first physical fumblings with a cheerleader petrified him.

He says, "When I was 17, my idea of a relationship was calling a girl on the phone. I didn't have much sexual experience, so my first and only time in high school was scary business. I was terrified.

"She was a cheerleader - and older - and let's just say she'd been there before."

He adds, "Now girls are still a mystery, but I've learned to deal. For about nine years now, I've had a girlfriend.

"When I was 17, I was a wallflower. I had all these insurance policies, like I got my friends to make sure a girl would say yes before I asked her out. I never put myself out there to be rejected.

"Now even though I have a girlfriend, I still live in fear of being rejected!"

05/06/2003 09:12