Sugar Ray frontman Mark Mcgrath has declared himself "scarred" after walking in on his film-maker pal McG having his buttocks waxed by another man.

The rocker has been good friends with the Charlie's Angels director for a number of years, growing up with him in Newport Beach, California, but was stunned to discover the bizarre grooming incident taking place.

He recalls, "We had a friend who was going to beauty school. We're all men going down to the beach and McG and him leave early - you don't do that when you're like 20. Hot chicks, Newport Beach, everything cool.

"They go back to his house and I thought that was weird, kind of creepy, but whatever, it's Hollywood. So I go back there early, kinda suspicious, and I heard Sade coming gently from the windows. And then I start smelling this sort of waxy type thing. I'm like, 'Wax? Wax, Sade - creepy, right?'

"So then I get to the front of the door and I see like candles flickering gently and I couldn't really see 'cause it was dark in there.

"I look in, it's my beautician friend in his underwear, McG nude on a couch, with wax being put on his rear and being ripped off as such!

"As I've gotten older, I understand, 'cause hair grows in creepy places when you get older."

02/07/2004 09:48