Former Sugar Ray frontman Mark Mcgrath has dismissed rumours the band's comeback album was snubbed by major record label executives because the music was "too dated".
The 41-year-old rocker stepped away from music to focus on his TV career and became host of American entertainment news programme Extra in 2004.
MCGrath left the show last year (08) to return to the band, which will release comeback album Music for Cougars in July (09).
And according to the New York Post, the Fly hitmakers settled on signing with a small independent record label after music executives claimed they couldn't escape their 1990s sound.
A source says, "It's being released by Pulse - an indie label - because all the majors passed. The sound is too dated. Very pop/disco."
But a spokesperson for the band has brushed off the claims: "It's a very summer-y sound. Very Sugar Ray. We never shopped it to the majors."