Mark Anthony Francisco is accused of having pestered the sportsman-turned-actor and his family since 2008, when he reportedly started sending them letters threatening their lives.

In one note, he allegedly wrote, "I will kill you, your mother and your daughters", while another expletive-filled message read: "You need to make a deposit to my checking account before I shoot the s**t out of your a**."

Francisco, 55, eventually stopped sending the unwanted correspondence, but is said to have resurfaced in October (15), when he made repeated phone calls to Leonard's charity foundation, allegedly posing as the boxing legend's cousin, and then showed up at the family's doorstep.

Leonard was granted a temporary restraining order against Francisco in early March (16), and on Thursday (28Apr16), his request to make the ruling permanent was approved by a U.S. judge, reports

Francisco, who reportedly has a violent criminal history, has now been banned from having any contact with the star, while he has also been ordered to stay at least 500 yards (457.2 metres) away from the Leonard family for the next five years.