War is brewing between British pop groups THE Sugababes and Atomic Kitten over Kitten Natasha Hamilton's "bitchy" behaviour.

Natasha, whose relationship with nightclub promoter FRAN COSGROVE failed after the birth of their son JOSH, is now happily dating dancer GAVIN HATCHER - but she's been less than friendly to one of his exes, and has alienated HOLE IN THE HEAD singers Sugababes in the process.

MUTYA BUENA snipes, "I was with our tour manager, whose ex-boyfriend Gavin is now going out with Natasha. Natasha knows she is the ex and walked past and gave this look to our tour manager. The next thing I know, I look back and Natasha's giving me a dirty look too.

"I turned around and she's standing there with her hand on her hip, like she's Miss Everything.

"I thought, 'I'm going to knock you the f*** out.'

"When we see Atomic Kitten, Natasha is the only one who won't say hello. Jenny Frost always says hi and Liz Mcclarnon is lovely. But every time I've gone to say hello to Natasha she won't answer. So I'm not going to waste my time trying to make friends."

Her bandmate Keisha Buchanan agrees, hissing, "Natasha has got a banana stuck up her a***."

15/10/2003 02:29