Sugababes are bemused by the wedding invitations they receive.

The 'Hole in the Head' trio are constantly asked to attend the nuptials of other celebrities, even if they barely know them.

Singer Amelle Berrabah said: "We've been invited to random weddings, of people we've only met once. People we don't even know."

Although the 'Ugly' hitmakers - Amelle, Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range - most invitations, they were happy to perform at the wedding of reality TV star Jade Goody - who died of cancer in March - and her husband Jack Tweed earlier this year.

Keisha said: "She had a wish list of things she wanted and she asked us to perform.

"I'll never forget, we were performing and she whispered to me, 'Can I come up there with you?' and she did and so did Jack. It was lovely. She looked gorgeous."