Pop trio Sugababes have once again been rocked by reports of tension within the group - with pals fearing Heidi Range will quit the band.

The girls - currently at number one in the British singles charts with HOLE IN THE HEAD - have been dogged with reports of disharmony ever since original member Siobhan Donaghy walked out on Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena in 2001, claiming the pair bullied her.

However, Donaghy's replacement HEIDI RANGE, who joined in September 2001, has reportedly suffered the same treatment - and sources close to the band fear she could be forced out in the near future.

One source says, "Keisha and Mutya don't get on with Heidi very well. It's hard because she joined the band after them and they have been friends for ages. They want her out and would rather sing as a duo."

Another insider confides to Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Every effort is being made to make sure that everything is hunky dory between the girls in the band. But Keisha and Mutya just haven't taken to Heidi.

"They exclude her from their conversations and keep talking in baby chatter to each other, which Heidi finds difficult to understand.

"The Sugababes always make a big play of the fact they are all mates, but it's all just for the cameras and their fans.

"Heidi is a strong character but at times the other two girls make her feel very lonely and fragile. We just hope she lasts the distance."

21/10/2003 13:56