British pop trio THE Sugababes have been given a stern telling off by record company bosses following their furious row in Dublin, Ireland last Saturday (6MAR04) which led to the last minute cancellation of a gig.

According to reports, singers Heidi Range and Keisha Buchanan had a heated argument which led them to walkout just five minutes before their gig was due to begin.

And in a last ditch attempt to keep the warring band together, label UNIVERSAL has issued them with a stark warning - saying they will ruin their careers if they continue their bitter feuding.

A source says, "They were called in on Wednesday (10MAR04) and read the riot act. Their little fights have often helped get publicity, but when they decide not to play a gig, five minutes before they're due on stage, it's time for disciplining.

"They were told in no uncertain terms that this behaviour would not be tolerated."

Universal's spokesperson adds, "They've had their meeting and they're now friends again."

12/03/2004 13:58