LATEST: THE Sugababes beauty Keisha Buchanan has lashed out at speculations she's engaged to her secret basketball player boyfriend.

The HOLE IN THE HEAD hitmaker, 19, prompted the rumours by flashing a huge rock on her engagement finger, but complains people have no right to question what she wears and who she dates.

Buchanan argues, "Some people are like 'Why is she wearing a ring then?', but it's my damn finger, ok?

"If I want to pick my nose with that finger, if I want to wipe my bum with that finger I can!"

"It's my body if I want to put something on it then I can."

"But in life sometimes you want to keep things to yourself as you prefer to make mistakes privately - you don't want the whole world to know."

The sexy star has been dating her mystery man for more than a year (begs03) but told British morning show GMTV yesterday (23AUG04) she know's "he's the one" .

24/08/2004 21:10