Sugababes are unlikely to release new material until late 2014.

The trio - Amelle Berrabah, Heidi Range and Jade Ewen - have been on hiatus for over a year to work on other ventures, and though they are ''still talking'', are unlikely to put anything out this year.

Amelle - who is currently recording her debut solo album - said: ''Even now when I'm in the studio there are a few songs that I keep to one side because I can hear us singing that as they don't feel right for me.

''All three of us are definitely up for it though we're all quite busy at the moment doing our own thing, so it does look like mid-towards the end of next year we'll do another single or some shows. I'm really looking forward to that. We do regularly talk about it and so it will be happening.''

Amelle, 29, admits working without her bandmates was ''weird'' at first and she still misses them not being in the studio with her.

She told website Mark Meets: ''It's definitely a strange feeling, I'm still getting used to it now to be fair cos I've been writing the album since last year.

''The first few sessions I had without them, I felt very weird just because normally we bounce ideas of each other and also harmony wise, 'I'm like 'Oh yeah that would sound good like that' or it needs some backing vocals just there'. When it's just you doing it's strange at the beginning, I've got used to it now but I do miss the girls.''

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