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Amazing site..really interesting stuff.t5m was lucky enough to be at the Mobo’s and caught up with some of the top talent backstage and on the red carpet. Take a look at t5m mobo-awards, with some great exclusive videos on Sugababes.

Posted 9 years 3 days ago by t5m

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well done girlies u did it again luv ya loads ur new album is fab, Amelle its ur first proper album u should be proud of yourself and Keisha, Heidi go on to

Posted 10 years 15 hours ago by sugalife

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ALRIGHT! Everyone is completely ignoring that There IS a new 'babe! Her name is Amelle! And like NO ONE is supporting her! I luv Mutya too but everyone has to respect BOTH of them! I am supporting Mutya in her decision to leave the Sugababes. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who acctually likes both Amelle and Mutya, Come on people! Be nice to both of them PLEASE!

Posted 10 years 5 months ago by Support4Amelle

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hello, i just saw the new video on TV, i just couldn't believe Mutya was not there!!! Shock, disbelief!!Well it's supposed to be for Mutya's baby, but man, i saw these girls two years ago at their concert in Pepsi Island, Hungary, and they were just perfect!!! i don't believe anyone else can do better than the format they had then, Keisha, Mutya and Heidi!! You girls rock! I am really gonna pray that it goes back to that. Sugababes was the only girl band i liked, each song you had was a hit, what more can i say? i love youuu!!! Don'r mind me, i just can't get over the fact that i didn't see MUtya there, where she belongs. sob

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by marius

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Yeah right! Keisha and Mutya are supposed to be childhood friends and for Keisha to call Mutya a liar just puts in question Keisha's character. For heaven's sakes, they formed the band. It's not as if Keisha formed Sugababes herself! And as i remember it, Mutya left the band for "purely personal reasons." The mere fact that Mutya is mum about the matter and hasn't dished out any negative comments makes one believe her more than the bitchy comments of Keisha. So, way to go Keisha! I'm not supporting your "new" Sugababes anymore! And more than that, the original Sugababes came out of "underground" music. And that was the whole point i liked them. They brought the edginess of "underground" overground and mainstream. Now, there's no reason for me to like the classy, slick direction that Keisha's talking about! They are just becoming any girl band. Remember Atomic Kitten and All Saints? And that's way too shallow for my taste! I'm sticking with Mutya and Siobhan even. So way to go Mutya and i'm sure you'll do very well on your own. Keep playing the underground beat without compromises! Keisha simply has sold out! Heidi for me is an airhead and vacuous. The same goes to their new member, whoever her name is - in all, they're another forgettable girl band!

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by bravesoul_sound

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