British rockers Suede have scrapped most of the new material they played at comeback gigs last year (11) and have headed back into the studio.
The Animal Nitrate hitmakers reunited in 2010 after disbanding in 2003 following the release of their flop record A New Morning.
They played a string of gigs in Russia in December (11) and showcased several new tracks, but frontman Brett Anderson admits the songs will not make it onto the band's first album in 10 years.
On their page, he writes, "The proto-proto-proto type version that we were fumbling around with towards the end of last year is very dead so apart from 'Sabotage', don't get attached to any of those songs from Russia cos it's very unlikely anyone will ever hear them again.
"They were canon-fodder I'm afraid, part of the endlessly shifting and self-questioning process. Every album I've ever made has been brutally hard (that's kind of the point) and this is no exception but you will be intrigued to hear, we have just banked the final curve and are into the home straight."