Suede frontman Brett Anderson has vowed to write a new album for the reunited band after recently insisting there would be no new material unless "magic" happened in the recording studio.
The Animal Nitrate hitmakers reunited last year (10) after disbanding in 2003 following the release of their flop record A New Morning.
He told reporters earlier this month (Aug11) that fans wouldn't hear Suede's new work unless it was good enough, but now Anderson confirms there definitely will be a new release from the group.
He says, "After I've promoted this solo album I'm intent to be writing a new Suede album. I think it's all about keeping yourself interested as a musician, once it gets to this stage in your career it's very much about doing things that keep you excited and making a new Suede record will be exciting and then making another solo record after this will be exciting.
"It's just about trying to keep yourself interested the whole time. I think not getting stuck in a rut is the real lesson I learnt from being in Suede all that time. That's kind of why we called it a day in 2003 - things can become too familiar and I definitely don't want that to happen again."