British film and television is mourning the death of Sue Lloyd - the stalwart actress who passed away on October 20th 2011, aged 72.

Lloyd made an initial splash in the 1960s as Michael Caine's glamorous foil in 1965 espionage flick 'The Ipcress File' as well as appearing alongside Peter Cushing in the horror film 'Corruption' in 1968. At the height of her 60s fame she sold stories about affairs with the likes of Sean Connery and Peter Sellers, the subsequent money enabling her to buy a London flat. However, she is remembered far more fondly for her role as Barbara Hunter in the long running soap 'Crossroads,' a character who appeared in 714 episodes before leaving with on-screen and future real-life husband RONALD ALLEN in 1985. The Guardian recalls how she wrote in her 1998 biography 'It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time' that she was initially cynical about the role.

"My initial reaction was to be a bit sniffy about it," Lloyd had written, "the soap was renowned for its wobbly scenery, bizarre storylines and regular slaughtering by the critics. Why would I, just back from filming [Revenge of] The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers in the south of France and about to embark on the comedy The Upchat Line with John Alderton, want to get involved in a project like that? Besides, I was too busy. 'If they want you,' advised my agent, 'they'll come back." Indeed they did, and Lloyd played herself into a role that ensured her life will not soon be forgotten.