GOLDIE HAWN stirred up a controversy on American TV this morning (04MAY05) when she argued with sex expert Sue Johanson about unfaithful men.

The actress told the hosts of TV magazine show The View that she understood why men cheated - because it was "biologically correct in the species."

Hawn explained, "I think that a lot of people cheat, they don't tell that they're cheating. I think that there's a great promise to believe you can be with one person only for the rest of your life."

Goldie revealed she never asks about her partner of 22 years, KURT RUSSELL's infidelities.

She added, "It's just the way I try and keep myself feeling happy because otherwise we're going to be feeling miserable all the time because women's relationships with other men, and the way they get turned on, is quite different. It's much more personal, it's more sensitive.

"Frankly, how would you like it, as women, to have testosterone running through your body every day; walking out and having to deal with this every day when they don't have control."

And, after the outraged hosts of the all-woman show lashed out at their guest for her comments, sex expert Johanson was called in to comment on the free-spirited star's notion that men can't help but cheat.

She told Hawn, "I don't agree with you. I do think we are adults, we can make rational decisions and we can look at the consequences and say, 'Hey, woah, if I do this, if I go out spreading my seed, what's going to be the long-term result.'"

04/05/2005 21:16