Irish actor Stuart Townsend has attracted the attentions of Gabrielle Union's friends, who are constantly turning up on the set of his new TV show to check him out.

Union co-stars with Townsend in the new series NIGHT STALKERS, and her pals are making the most of the situation by hanging around on the set at every opportunity.

But the actress is warning her friends that they could face the wrath of Townsend's girlfriend Charlize Theron if they persist.

She says, "I've worked with some hot co-stars - Will Smith, LL Cool J, BENJAMIN BRATT - but (my friends) never came to the set.

"Magically, all of my friends (are on the show set now). They love Stuart Townsend. I'm like, 'Mess around and there'll be a tall woman, armed with a gold statue who's about to beat you down!'"