Irish actor Stuart Townsend found his close relationship with girlfriend Charlize Theron helped them co-star in new film HEAD IN THE CLOUDS.

The Queen of the Damned hunk became the envy of men across the world when he joined South African Charlize and Penelope Cruz for the film, in which the trio are embroiled in a love triangle - and Townshend confirms he had a great time on set.

He grins, "I had it good. It was a lovely shoot because the three of us got on really well. It was my favourite experience of filming so far."

And, despite knowing that mixing work and personal life can be dangerous, Stuart insists his strong bond with Charlize actually helped their performances.

He adds, "It's better in one way, but sometimes it's tough because you're together all the time.

"But if we had a scene together the following day we could really discuss it, because with film there's usually a lot of egos and I guess you often don't know the other actor very well, because it's a work thing.

"As Charlize and I were beyond all that we really got to delve into scenes because we were close together."

04/11/2003 16:57