Stormzy could be creating his own fashion and cosmetics line.

The 'Big For Your Boots' hitmaker has filed a trademark application registering his name across Europe and a source claims there is ''scope'' for him to have a go at a clothing line.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Stormzy has become a massive star in the past 18 months so he and his team think this is the perfect step to turn his popularity into a booming business.

''They are considering lots of different options, all reflected in the trademark document they have registered. There is scope for him to design clothing and also beauty products.''

It comes after the 24-year-old grime star admitted he feels more comfortable in trackies than a suit.

He said: ''Usually I just fling a tracksuit on. But it's good to step out of my comfort zone.''

Stormzy catapulted to fame with his debut album 'Gang Signs & Prayer', which was released in February 2017.

Speaking about his success, he shared: ''That's the beauty of my story: the fact that it's backwards. I'm the total opposite of where I should be. I'm releasing my debut album after touring the world! Everyone around my pedestal is at least two albums and 10 years deep. I'm a prominent member of my scene.

''I feel like the whole country has noticed they've missed something. They're thinking: 'How could this have been going on all this time?' It'll never be ignored again.''