Stormzy is dreaming of a collaboration with Jay Z and Beyonce.

The 'Big for Your Boots' hitmaker had ''the greatest conversation'' of his life with the pair and is desperate to work with them after getting the chance to meet them.

He told Q magazine: ''It was the greatest conversation of my life. One day I'll reveal it. One day we'll talk about it. It's what I started my Glasto performance with, a clip of it.''

Stormzy admits that he is unsure if he will get the opportunity to work with them, suggesting that they are ''very busy people''.

When asked about the possibility of them working together, Stormzy said: ''I'm don't know about that. They're very busy people. But God willing.''

The 26-year-old featured a snippet from the conversation with Jay Z when he headlined the Glastonbury festival earlier this year.

Before the performance, Jay Z, 49, could be heard telling Stormzy about the importance of culture.

He was heard saying: ''It's important for you to take that and say, 'Okay, how can I create a culture around this whole thing?' Because culture moves the whole world.''

Stormzy also thanked Jay Z in an Instagram post after the performance.

He said: ''I got to open my set with words of encouragement from my hero and ultimate inspiration and the greatest rapper to ever grace planet Earth, Jay Z.''

Meanwhile, Stormzy also admitted that the performance at Glastonbury felt like the ''big finale'' to his career.

He explained: ''I thought my first album was everything, but with Glasto, that felt like the absolute summary and epitome of everything.

''It felt like the defining moment of my career. It felt like everything I stand for, all my music, every moment, everything, all in one performance. It felt it was like my big finale.''