Stormzy has confirmed Jay-Z watched him from side of stage at V Festival.

The grime superstar's life was made when he found out his hero witnessed him shut down the music event in Chelmsford, Essex last month, and revealed he had no idea till he'd finished his set that the hip-hop icon was there for his song 'Big For Your Boots'.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 for his Live Lounge special, the 24-year-old rapper said: ''Jay-Z was at the side of the stage for that one. I didn't know.

''I came off after and all the Mandem were running round excited.

''OK, something exciting has happened.

''And then I heard Jigga was side of stage and I was so happy because he was there for 'Big For Your Boots'.

''I was so excited. You came for 'Big For Your Boots' everyone was showing love and you came and saw me...''

The 'Shut Up' hitmaker - who is tipped to take home the 2017 Hyundai Mercury Prize at the ceremony this evening (14.09.17) -

didn't get the chance to speak with Jay - who is often nicknamed 'Jigga' - after his performance, but he's hoping it could leave to them working together in the future.

He said: ''For him to witness that moment ... I haven't seen or spoke to him since.

''I've never even spoken to him or met him.

''All I know is that Jigga watched me and that is the end of it.

''I don't know what comes from that, I am just blessed when it comes to things like that.

''He is just the greatest of all time. I am just happy with that.''