Stooshe ''morph into each other'' while recording in the studio.

The 'Slip' hitmakers - Alex Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold - feel more like ''siblings'' than bandmates because of their musical bond and like to share out the role of ''lead singer'' when performing together as they all hold such strong vocals.

Speaking in an interview with Drafted magazine, Karis said: ''We've been working together for two-and-a-half-years, now, and we really just morph into each other in the studio.

''We're really in tune with each other - like siblings. And when we record we've all got individual parts but our voices mesh really well together. We're each lead singers in our own right but we can really blend well as a band.''

Despite being strangers when first put together by writer/manager Jo Perry following a series of auditions in 2010, the girls found it easy to bond after discovering they all grew up in South London and used their common ground to ''ease'' into their friendship.

Courtney said: ''It was nice because we weren't just thrown into a situation where you've got to figure people out.

''We already had something in common because we're all from South London, so we could talk about mutual friends we knew and where we lived.

''We naturally had something to talk about. It was really easy going and eased us in to what we have now.''