Stooshe delayed their album because they are ''passionate about the music''.

The 'Black Heart' group were originally set to release debut 'London With The Lights On' at the end of 2012, but instead decided to work on it for longer rather than rushing it out.

The group's Courtney Rumbold told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We only [delayed] it because we're passionate about the music. We didn't want to put something out that was half-arsed.

''Maybe we've got more respect, maybe people just think we're divas, but either way it now sounds exactly as we wanted.

''We wanted to put it out there but we couldn't do it because we weren't happy with it.

''You upset fans by doing that, and then the questions start about whether we'll ever release it.''

The trio - which also includes Alexandra Buggs and Karis Anderson - are set to appear at Barclaycard British Summer Time Hyde Park on July 14, and can't wait to hang out with support co-headliner Jennifer Lopez, after touring with her on her Dance Again world tour last year.

Courtney added: ''I can't wait to see Jennifer again. Her band and management are emailing us going: 'What are you guys doing? Can't wait to see you and chill out again', which is lovely, aft­er we did the tour with Jennifer. It'll be lovely to catch up with her - she's an amazing performer.''