Stone Temple Pilots hope Scott Weiland ''finds the light.''

The 'Dancing Days' band fired their singer in February - a decision he refused to accept - and their arguments have led to them launching a lawsuit against Scott, a move which has prompted him to countersue.

The band is continuing with Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington, but hope Scott finally sorts out his problems - which include a long history of drug abuse - and allows them to move on.

Guitarist Dean Deleo told US radio station 93X: ''I just can't believe it even went to [court]. We just wanted to move on in a productive, caring, environment.

''So with that said, we really, really wish Scott the very, very best. I hope he one day finds the light.

''But as far us, we wanted to move forward. We had a lineup change, we have a different man in the band now, we have a different human being, a different energy.

''We would be real, real silly about it to try to recreate what we

did. We're honestly, very simply, moving forward.''

Dean - who completes the band with his brother Robert, Chester and Eric Kretz - added while they are planning to move on, the band will still play hits from their earlier six albums, but with a new edge to them, brought by Chester.

He added: ''When we do revisit the catalog in a live situation, we just wanna do it justice and want it to resonate with everybody.

''There's a lot of songs there that people have some real-life experiences with - good and bad. And when they come see the band, we want them to experience that nostalgia and that melancholy feeling. And I think, first and foremost, we wanna deliver it really, really hard hitting.''