Newly reformed rockers Stone Temple Pilots have turned their back on traditional record deals and are looking for a more creative approach to market their new album.
The group split in 2002, but reunited earlier this year (08) to embark on a U.S. tour. They have also revealed plans to head back into the studio to record a new LP once their roadshow is over.
But frontman Scott Weiland has voiced plans to follow in the footsteps of British band Radiohead, who released their latest album In Rainbows as a digital download - allowing fans to choose their own price for the record.
And Weiland is convinced STP will be able to do something similar, because they already have a well-established fanbase.
He tells, "The whole record machine is f**ked up now, so we really want to get to a place of having some freedom, because we have a lot of leverage.
"We have sold almost 40 million records, and we're in a position of power. We want to be free agents, whether it's putting our records out ourselves, or doing some interesting, very creative deal with a non-traditional major record label. The system as it is now... that formula does not work. We've seen it; we'll need to do things differently, do things wiser."