Rockers Stone Temple Pilots left fans in Florida fuming on Friday night (21Au08) after reportedly failing to show up for a concert.
The band claimed the gig at Tampa Bay's Ford Amphitheater was affected by storms striking the state.
But many of the 6,500 fans packed into the venue claim the storms never came close to Tampa Bay, and reveal they were told by organisers that the rockers didn't arrive to perform.
One disappointed concertgoer tells, "The storms they were attempting to lay blame on were in North Florida and were not impacting Central Florida or South Florida where they had played in Hollywood, Florida two days prior. They did cancel a show in Orlando on Tuesday evening which I completely understood and people were informed ahead of time due a tropical storm in the area."
The incident comes amid rumours frontman Scott Weiland - who only reunited with the band in April (08) - is losing his longterm battle with drug addiction.
Fans claim he appeared incoherent and stumbled onstage during a performance in Phoenix, Arizona on 30 July (08).
The group split in the 1990s because of Weiland's heroin addiction; and he spent time in rehab earlier this year, before being fired from supergroup Velvet Revolver after rowing with bandmates.