The Stone Roses have played a few dates now since formally announcing their return at the beginning of 2012, but it is this weekend that they'll be playing the two shows that everyone's been talking about as the four-piece return to their native Manchester to perform for two nights in front of tens of thousands of fans in Heaton Park. It's been a journey fraught with twists and turns already, but then you'd expect of a group who split amid much acrimony in 1996 when they were already down to only two of the original members.
If the abiding memory of those last few months was of Ian Brown singing hoarsely to an unimpressed Reading Festival crowd in the summer of 96, then shows in Europe - starting off with a secret gig in Warrington, England - have seen the stars return to a much better reception, with many claiming that Brown's voice is better than those troubled days and that the band are playing with their natural chemistry still intact.
It's not all been plain sailing though; at a gig in Amsterdam their drummer Reni stormed off stage, apparently annoyed at the poor sound; flicking a V-sign at Brown. He wasn't to return, with an embarrassed lead singer having to explain to the crowd that he'd "gone home". They've since continued though with no more ructions, which is just as well, because more than any other show they play this summer, it'll be the weekend's two performances that truly define how much of a success their comeback has been.