Organisers of Britain's Reading festival would consider booking newly-reformed rockers the Stone Roses as future headliners, despite their disastrous set at the event in 1996.
The band, which announced comeback plans in October (11), infuriated fans with a lacklustre headlining show at the festival 15 years ago, and were eventually booed off-stage by angry revellers.
The group split just two months later, and despite the upset, officials from Reading Festival and its sister event in Leeds, England are adamant they would definitely hire the Roses to perform again.
Festival boss Melvyn Benn tells, "The Stone Roses are one of the seminal bands for people of a certain generation here in the U.K. They're as important to people in the U.K. as Nirvana in a way and of course we'd consider having the band (play)."
However, he insists it is too late for the group to be invited to take the stage in 2012, adding, "It wasn't even something they considered or we considered (for next year) but of course we'd consider having them back in the future."