OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER stormed off stage during a recent concert in his home city - after disgruntled fans threw bottles and booed at the shocked singer.

The DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER rocker had hoped to surprise fans by making a surprise appearance at ex-Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown's gig, to perform their duet KEEP WHAT YA GOT at the Apollo Manchester, Britain.

Gallagher was horrified by the crowd's inhospitable reaction but Brown rescued the concert by telling off the fans and dragging Gallagher back onto the stage to finish the show.

One fan says, "The gig was fantastic, until Noel spat out his dummy. He came on as a surprise guest but he was booed and a pint was chucked at him and went all over his guitar. The Ian made some comment about how Noel is his hero and that we should show him some respect."

A UNIVERSAL RECORDS spokesman contends, "Noel said somebody threw a half-pint of lager on him and it went all over his jacket and guitar. So he went off to give his jacket to a roadie. Ian went to see why Noel had stopped playing, so that's why he walked off as well."

25/10/2004 02:52