Ex-Stone Roses rocker Ian Brown challenged a fan to a fight during his Scottish gig on Monday night (28MAR05) - after the disgruntled audience member threw a pint of beer at the rocker.

Brown stormed off stage twice, after the crowd hissed and booed at him for ditching songs because of technical difficulties.

And tensions came to a head when an audience member hurled a plastic cup of beer at the volatile singer, who promptly challenged the culprit to a fight.

Brown reportedly pointed at the fan and shouted, "Did you throw that? Let's just be nice.

"If you want to pick a fight, then I'll fight you."

A spokesman for Brown confirmed yesterday (29MAR05), "A pint of beer was thrown at Ian during the gig.

"We also had problems with stage monitors which added to the confusion.

"Ian loves playing Scotland and Edinburgh is one of his favourite gigs of the tour."

The I WANNA BE ADORED star was recently arrested for assaulting his security guard after his San Francisco, California gig, but charges have since been dropped.

30/03/2005 13:49