Universal Music has reportedly yanked "Born Free," a music video by British rap singer/songwriter M.I.A. that includes violent images depicting U.S. Army personnel invading homes, beating naked adults as they lay in bed and arreSting their red-headed children. The children are loaded into prison buses and carted off to a desert location where they are lined up with their hands behind their heads. When one boy of about ten fails to cooperate and looks fearful, he is shot and killed by one of the soldiers. On her Twitter page, M.I.A. exploded, "F*** UMG [Universal Music Group] WHO WONT SHOW IT ON YOUTUBE. FOR THE U.S WATCH HERE." The film is directed by Romain Gavras, the son of legendary filmmaker Constantin Costa-Gavras ( Z, Missing, Music Box ). Several of M.I.A.'s music videos have been shown theatrically.