Sting's actress daughter Mickey Sumner has landed the coveted role of punk icon Patti Smith in star-studded new movie Cbgb.
Sumner was added to the cast on Monday (04Jun12), alongside Foo Fighters rocker Taylor Hawkins, who will make his acting debut as Iggy Pop in the film about late New York club boss Hilly Kristal, portrayed by Alan Rickman.
The twosome joins Johnny Galecki and Steven Schub, who will play Terry Ork and DeeDee Ramone in the film, and sexy Malin Akerman, who will play Blondie star Debbie Harry.
Also among the cast: Evan Alex Cole as Richard Hell, Avatar star Joel David Moore as Joey Ramone, Stana Katic and Rupert Grint.
Filming will begin in Savannah, Georgia and New York City later this month (Jun12).
Movie spokeswoman Nadine Jolson tells WENN, "The story will follow Kristal who dreamed of having a Country, Bluegrass and Blues club in New York City. When he had difficulty finding country and blues bands, he opened his doors to local acts. He had one demand of the acts he booked: They could only play their own original music.
"Living on a couch in the back of the club for the first two years, Hilly could barely make ends meet. Nevertheless, Cbgb became such a well-respected haunt for artists that many bands begged Hilly for a chance to play."