Superstar Sting cites a drunken session with rock pal SIR Bob Geldof as the moment a journalist overheard his infamous tantric sex revelations.

Following the unintentional release of information, Sting and wife TRUDIE STYLER have been portrayed as a sex-mad couple who enjoy seven-hour love-making sessions, which the singer admits has caused them untold embarassment.

The former Police frontman explains, "You know the context of that story? Fourteen years ago (90) me and Bob Geldof in a bar, drunk off our a**es, just bulls***ting. I didn't know there was a journalist there, and it went around the world."

Although he claims he was just joking at the time, he refuses to clarify just how tantric his copulating is.

He adds, "I'm definately not going to deny it, or confirm it. Yes, I do a lot of yoga.

"I'm not an expert on tantra, but it's trying to establish everyday normla things like walking, eating and making love with an element of the sacred."

07/05/2004 02:08