Veteran rocker Sting is infuriating his former Police bandmates by refusing to reform the popular group.

Police guitarist ANDY SUMMERS is convinced the band would garner massive success if Sting would agree to reunite the ROXANNE rockers - and believes the group owe it to their fans.

Summers says, "There were a few years when STEWART (COPELAND, the third Police member) and I thought Sting might be up for it but he's not.

"There's a gigantic worldwide audience waiting. The Police never really did a farewell tour and said one last big thank you to the fans - we just suddenly disappeared. That was all very dissatisfying."

And Andy hints a reunion tour would be a perfect way for Sting to reclaim some credibility.

He adds, "It would be a great move for Sting and give him a lot of credibility - people would love him for it. Also, it would be the most phenomenal moneymaker: We'd probably make more in six months than on the whole time we were together! But I don't think about it much, because you just drive yourself nuts."

25/02/2004 01:54