British rocker Sting has slammed the American-led invasion of Iraq, and urged the world to help reconstruct the war-ravaged nation.

Speaking at a news conference in Hong Kong to promote his latest album SACRED LOVE yesterday (02NOV03), the 52-year-old singer said the world's leaders should concentrate on picking up the pieces and giving the Iraqi people a normal life after the spring (03) battle.

He said, "I wasn't in favour of going into Iraq. It's too late to blame anybody. It's too late to complain."

Sting's comments echoed Latin guitarist Carlos Santana's antiwar message late Saturday (01NOV03) at a Hong Kong rock concert.

Ten songs into his 90-minute performance, Santana asked the crowd of 13,000 for 30 seconds of silence to condemn American President George W Bush's foreign policy.

He said, "We are the other side of America. We do not go along with George Bush. We are here to accentuate peace and compassion on the planet. God bless humanity."

03/11/2003 09:19