Veteran rocker Sting donated $36,000 (GBP20,000) to an environmental charity, before discovering it was run by a BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY (BNP) extremist.

The EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE singer handed over the cash as part of a plan to plant woodland to mark Queen Elizabeth II's GOLDEN JUBILEE celebrations in 2002.

But Sting was unaware the charity's boss, RICHARD BARNBROOK, was standing as candidate for the far right political party in local London elections.

The 52-year-old star immediately disassociated himself from the organisation, JUBILEE WOODS TRUST.

An insider tells British newspaper The Sun, "He was devastated. He researched the project before concluding it was worthwhile.

"We thought it had genuine merit. Now he wants nothing to do with it."

Last week (ends16JUL04), a BBC documentary was aired that showed several prominent BNP members making racist remarks while one member boasted of attacking an Asian man.

19/07/2004 02:51