British rocker Sting has launched a scathing attack on Beyonce Knowles and Justin Timberlake, insisting their music is too commercial. The former Police frontman is adamant music-making should be a "spiritual" experience - not driven by chart positions and record sales. For his latest album, SONGS FROM THE LABYRINTH, he even shunned a studio to make sure tracks had the most "organic" sound he could muster. He tells, "Today's music is not designed for me. I don't understand a Beyonce or Justin Timberlake. "For me, singing is a spiritual journey. I'm devoutly musical. As for my voice, I'd say it's become more mature. Encrypted with life, it's developed texture. "This particular album I made in our home in Tuscany. I don't work in any thematically soundproofed room. I like ambient noises - fire crackling, birds singing, church bells. It's organic."