Sting's decision to donate money to a Sri Lankan orphanage in the aftermath of last year's (04) southeast Asian tsunami may have backfired, after it emerged the establishment's owner is an American sex offender wanted for fraud.

Generous Sting and his wife Trudie Styler visited the orphanage in February (05) and gave a considerable sum of money to help the parentless children there.

But the orphanage's director is DANIEL TAZE, who has convictions for sex crimes and is on the California sex offenders register, writes British newspaper the Mail On Sunday.

Taze is thought to be in Sri Lanka under the name Daniel Curry, in a bid to cover his tracks. The Sri Lankan authorities are currently investigating his activities.

A spokesman for Sting says, "He and Trudie visited the home, but I'm not aware of any donation. They are out of the country (UK) and will not be commenting."

31/07/2005 02:22