Pop superstar Sting is still feeling the influence of his late parents on him - years after their death.

The IF I EVER LOSE MY FAITH IN YOU musician still regrets he wasn't closer to his parents, and now he will never get the chance to forge a closer bond.

He says, "I never actually found a way to communicate with my parents. I may have by now. I may have found that link that I didn't find while they were living.

"What happened to me just spun me further and further away from them. That's one of the sadnesses of my life, that I never made the circle back. I made some progress - but not entirely."

Looking back now, the mystical singer can see how his behaviour mirrors that of his parents.

He adds, "When I was young and married for the first time I became the archetype that my mother was, a flirt, aching for romance and excitement. It made it not work, my first marriage, being given that blueprint by my parents.

"I didn't know I was following it - but I do now. And being forewarned is being forearmed. I'd like to think that I am my own man now."

22/08/2004 10:38