Sting is convinced his rocker daughter Coco will ultimately benefit from the chart failure of her debut album as she will learn the importance of resilience and hard work.
The 21-year-old daughter of The Police star and Trudie Styler released The Constant last year (10) with her band I Blame Coco, but the release was panned by critics and peaked at 86 in the U.K. charts.
The Roxanne hitmaker admits the album's poor reception was a huge blow to Coco, but he hopes she will move on from the experience and continue her music career.
He says, "I don't envy Coco. She was really disappointed. But it's good to have setbacks. To be successful so young I don't think is ultimately good. You need to build a backbone and resilience and get in that van, dust yourself down and carry on. I wasn't famous at a young age and I'm glad of that...
"I was 27 before anything ever happened for me. I had a job. I paid my rates. I had a kid. I had to find the money at the end of the month for the mortgage."