Sting can't wait to turn 60 because he believes it will be the start of a "fun" decade.

The musician reaches the landmark age on Sunday (02.10.11) and rather than be worried about reaching his seventh decade he can't wait.

Sting - who is married to 57-year-old producer Trudie Styler, with whom he has four children - said: "I had the most fun in the previous decade, between 50 and 60. So I'm anticipating that the next one will be even better. I mean, why not?"

The Police star insists he isn't worried about his own mortality and has learnt to appreciate since accepting it is "finite".

He explained: "When you reach a certain age, you realise that life is finite. You can be depressed by that, or you can say, 'I'm going to appreciate every minute to its maximum potential.' "

The 'Message In A Bottle' singer's parents both died from cancer in their 50s and he accepts this had a profound effect on his opinion of death.

He added in an interview with the USA Today newspaper: "I've always been a bit saturnine, a serious person. An older person than I was in years. Perhaps that's why I'm not feeling particularly strange about reaching 60."

Sting is set to join Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Lady GaGa, among others, for a concert at New York's Beacon Theatre on Saturday (01.10.11) to raise money for poverty charity the Robin Hood Foundation.