LATEST: Rocker Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have been ordered to pay GBP24,944 ($49,888) to their former chef by a British employment tribunal. Jane Martin's GBP28,000 ($56,000) a year job with the Sting, real name Gordon Sumner, and Styler was terminated in April 2006 after eight years of service. Martin claimed she was forced to work 14 hour days while pregnant and Styler was not sympathetic when she experienced sickness early in her pregnancy. Styler was alleged to have raged, "Who the f**k does she think she is? She's my chef in the UK. She needs to be available if I need her, or she should rethink her position," when Martin fell ill with stomach trouble. A Southampton, England tribunal in May (07) ruled the couple had unfairly dismissed Martin and that she had been the victim of sexual discrimination. Tribunal chairman James Simpson this month (Jul07) ordered the couple to pay Martin GBP10,000 ($20,000) for injury to feelings and GBP16,000 ($32,000) for loss of earnings, but deducted the redundancy pay already received by Martin. Simpson said, "The tribunal was therefore surprised when Mr Norman, for the claimant, suggested the figure of GBP10,000 and that the claimant was not seeking aggravated damages or costs. "The tribunal accepts the claimant's qualifications and experience do not equip her for employment in hotels and restaurants generally and it would be unreasonable to expect her now to seek such employment."