British rockers Sting and Ozzy Osbourne have become friends again, after years of feuding.

The two - and their families - have long been involved in a bitter war of words, which came to an abrupt end on Sunday (08FEB04) when they met on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Ozzy's wife SHARON says, "The night before the Grammys Sting was at the House Of Blues and (my daughter) KELLY went down with Elton John because he was performing there.

"Sting asked to speak to Kelly and he said that he was worried about Ozzy and wanted to know how he was doing. Then they were discussing how stupid the feud is between us. Kelly said, 'You think kids are bad. What with you, my mum, my dad and your wife, this is ridiculous!'

"We all actually bumped into each other on the red carpet and we all said how ridiculous it was and how words can hurt so many people. We're all adults and we've all got kids that ultimately suffer from it so we all apologised and it was great.

"And then if you'd have seen these two guys, Ozzy and Sting - who are both in their 50s - apologising to each other, it was really very nice."

11/02/2004 21:03