Jerry Springer - THE OPERA writers Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas have slammed JERRY SPRINGER as a "two faced w**ker" for withdrawing support for the London musical, reportedly following pressure from Christian fundamentalists.

Last weekend (13AUG05), the British Arts Council withdrew funding for the production following complaints from religious group Christian Voice, who were furious about the gratuitous swearing and blasphemous portrayal of Jesus Christ as a nappy-wearing homosexual.

Comedians Lee And Thomas feel betrayed by US chat show host Springer, who was full of praise for the show before it become shrouded in controversy.

Lee says, "Springer came to the opening night and said it was so good he wished he'd written it.

"Two faced w**ker. He somewhat shifted his opinion after the controversy.

"He only changed his mind after what happened behind closed doors, so no one knew about it - until now."