Stevie Wonder took time out of his first U.S. tour in over a decade to make his six-year-old son's car racing dreams come true on Sunday (02Sep07). Little Kailand turned six last week (ends31Aug07) and when his parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday, the youngster told them he wanted to be a NASCAR racer. Wonder couldn't actually get the kid behind the wheel, so he did the next best thing - treated his son to a day at the races. The soul singer uttered the famous "Gentlemen, start your engines" as the official starter at the California Speedway NASCAR meeting on Sunday (02Sep07), and then spent the day listening to the sounds of the track in the baking heat. The blind singer, who had never attended a race meeting before, admitted it all sounded very exciting: "I have decided I'm not going to be a singer anymore; I'm going to be a race car driver."