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You know, this whole thing about who sobbed doesn't even make sense. When Stevie sang the song it fit for Michaels season. African Americans do grieve for their loved ones when they pass. I feel that alot of the coments that are made are just plan stupid. Michael has only been gone for 4 months and 6 or 7 days, it is still fresh and traumatizing to those who loved him. Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder grew up together at Motown and of course they were "family", so if he sobbed or anything else I'm sure it was very real for Stevie. So, whoever has the sob-monitor on who cares.... And get a life.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by phyllis johnson

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we all didthat dr should be put in the stocks so everyone can throw disgusting things at him

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by njmralo

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After reading the article about Poor Stevie Wonder (bless his heart!) I was reminded of a song from a long time ago by Billy Joel called "Only The Good Die Young"...Well...there ya go Mister Michael Jackson! Nothing else needs to be said! May all those nay sayers be JUDGED just as HARSH by GOD, as THEY JUDGED Michael.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by harlea5

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I think that the world has lost an angle.Even those who don't belive and still want to put micheal down.Boo to them.Thank you Mr.Wonder for showing your true emotions.It takes a real man to show true feelings.God bless you and always believe that micheal is in a better place than we are.He's at peace at last.No more pain,no more sorrow,Only the love from God does he have to carry with him.And thats the best any of us will have.We will see micheal again when it's our turn to go.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by jamnjamie

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