Susan Strack, the widow of Johanan Vigoda, sued the Superstition star for $7 million (GBP4.4 million) earlier this year (15), claiming she was entitled to six per cent of royalties from his music as part of a contract he reportedly signed stipulating Vigoda's kin would receive the payments after his death.

Strack alleged Wonder attempted to have the clause amended years ago, but the dispute was never resolved before Vigoda died, and therefore she insisted the contract was still legally binding.

In September (15), the 65 year old launched a countersuit against Strack, claiming he did not agree to the provision and trusted Vigoda to leave it out of the legal papers because "he could not read any of the contracts that Vigoda negotiated and prepared" due to the fact that he is blind. Strack challenged Wonder's allegations, insisting her husband had recruited a witness to read out the contract in full to his client before allowing him to sign.

Last week (ends20Nov15), a judge dismissed Strack's lawsuit against Wonder.